Vincent Fazio Park Water Playground, Tuncurry NSW

Mid Coast Council



In a harmonious blend of community well-being and inclusivity, the Vincent Fazio Park Water Playground stands as a testament to design excellence. This vibrant facility, which soft-launched in September 2023, has already begun to enrich the lives of both locals and visitors, fulfilling its vision of providing a fun and free public space that unites communities.

Dr. Gillespie, with enthusiastic endorsement, praised the water park’s role in improving the social well-being of the region’s residents and guests. This facility, a testament to inclusivity, offers an all-age, all-ability water splash pad featuring a water slide, water tower, and active water play equipment. Importantly, it has been thoughtfully designed with no standing water, eliminating the need for lifeguards and ensuring safety for all.

Further enhancing the visitor experience, a new amenities block has been added, equipped with facilities catering to individuals of all ages and abilities. GX Outdoors (formerly Grillex) played a crucial role in this endeavor, supplying shelters, table settings, park seats, and bin enclosures, contributing to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the space.

Mayor Claire Pontin expressed the council’s commitment to the park’s continued development, outlining plans for a children’s safety bike path, improved parking, footpaths, and a secure access route linking it with Lone Pine Park and the popular foreshore precinct.

This remarkable $2.2 million project was made possible through a collaboration of funding sources, including a generous contribution of $950,000 from the Australian Government. MidCoast Council also played a pivotal role, committing $670,000 from developer contributions, demonstrating a shared commitment to creating a regional destination that will benefit the community for years to come.



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