Alexander Clark Park, Loganholme QLD


Logan City Council, in their pursuit of unique and innovative solutions for the design of Alexander Clark Park, approached GX Outdoors (previously Grillex) for something unique and purpose-built. They sought products that not only met their functional needs but also reflected a distinct and bespoke character.

Collaboration with Logan City Council

Upon receiving Logan Council's ideas and visions, GX Outdoors engaged the design team to create a tailor-made solution. The result was the innovative Acacia Shelter, a product now proudly included in the GX Outdoors range. Logan City Council appreciated GX Outdoors' commitment to delivering durable, functional, and affordable products while retaining a bespoke feel.


Complete Park Solution

GX Outdoors went beyond individual product offerings, presenting Logan City Council with our Complete Park Solution. This encompassed a comprehensive array of items, including shelters, BBQs, table settings, bin enclosures, and more. The versatility and coherence of GX Outdoors' offerings appealed to Logan City Council's vision for Alexander Clark Park.


Creativity and Design Expertise

Building on previous positive experiences with GX Outdoors, Logan City Council valued the company's creativity and design expertise. GX Outdoors showcased their commitment to innovation by providing detailed CAD drawings and 3D renders. These visuals were collaboratively adjusted to align with Logan City Council's visions, allowing for a clear visualisation of the end result before manufacturing and installation commenced.


Key Features of Alexander Clark Park

Alexander Clark Park features a large Koala sculptured playground structure. Our products were designed to complement that design through custom laser-cut gum leaf designs on the shelters and park seats. The park design focused on enhancing the user experience with strategically placed BBQ areas, separate table settings for group gatherings, and expansive shelter areas accommodating both large and intimate gatherings. GX Outdoors' solutions played a pivotal role in bringing these elements to life.



The collaboration between GX Outdoors and Logan City Council resulted in the transformation of Alexander Clark Park into a vibrant and functional outdoor space. GX Outdoors' commitment to providing tailored solutions, coupled with creative design and comprehensive offerings, contributed to the success of this project. The Acacia Shelter, born from this collaboration, now stands as a testament to GX Outdoors' ability to meet the unique needs of councils and architects, creating outstanding outdoor spaces.



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