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Yarrabing Secondary College in Aintree and Walcom Ngarrwa Secondary College in Werribee are two forward-thinking educational institutions west of Melbourne. Both schools are committed to fostering a safe, supportive environment that nurtures student motivation, self-discipline, and growth across academic, social, cultural, and emotional dimensions.

We collaborated with these colleges to enhance their outdoor learning environments, supplying customised Silhouette Shelters designed to support their mission and educational philosophy.

The primary goals of this project were to:

  1. Create Functional Outdoor Spaces: Provide students with comfortable, sheltered outdoor areas for study, social interaction, and extracurricular activities.
  2. Enhance Learning Environments: Support the schools' 21st-century educational approaches by creating versatile spaces that can be used for various learning activities.
  3. Promote Positive Relationships and Collaboration: Design spaces that facilitate social interaction and collaborative learning, essential components of the schools’ educational missions.

The GX Outdoors custom designed shelters  met the clients specific needs and blended seamlessly with the schools' existing architecture while providing maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal. The shelters were constructed using high-quality Australian made, sustainable aluminum, ensuring durability and low maintenance. This aligns with the schools' commitment to sustainable practices and long-term investment in their facilities.

The shelters were designed to accommodate various activities, including outdoor classes, group projects, recreational use, and informal gatherings. This versatility supports the schools’ comprehensive curriculum by providing flexible spaces for different learning and social activities.


The partnership between GX Outdoors and Yarrabing Secondary College and Walcom Ngarrwa Secondary College showcases the impact of well-designed outdoor spaces on educational environments. By providing customised Silhouette Shelters, we have supported these schools in their mission to create safe, supportive, and versatile learning environments. This project highlights the value of tailored outdoor solutions in enhancing educational outcomes and fostering a positive, collaborative school culture.


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