Riverdale Park, Meadowbrook QLD

Logan City Council



Riverdale Park, spanning 10 hectares along the scenic Logan River, is a vibrant community space that balances natural beauty with modern amenities. Once part of the historic Armstrong Family grazing property, this park now serves as a multifunctional destination for fitness, recreation, and family gatherings.

GX Outdoors collaborated with Logan City Council to enhance Riverdale Park's facilities, contributing a range of high-quality, sustainable outdoor furniture. Our products used in this project include: Contour Double BBQ, Akora Cantilever Shelter, Streetstyle Table Settings and semi-customised Streetstyle Bin Enclosures.

The Logan City Council’s designers leveraged the customisation options available with our Bin Enclosures, crafting a unique look that complements the park’s dinosaur theme. This tailored approach underscores our commitment to blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.

Riverdale Park exemplifies how thoughtful design and quality products can transform public spaces into community hubs. Here at GX Outdoors, we are proud to have partnered with Logan City Council in creating a park that not only serves the practical needs of its visitors but also enhances the natural beauty and historical significance of the area.

By providing durable, 100% Australian-made products, GX Outdoors ensures that Riverdale Park will continue to be a cherished recreational spot for years to come.


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