Mon Repos Turtle Centre, Bundaberg QLD

Mon Repos Conservation Centre



Mon Repos Park, located along the Woongarra Coast, sought a modernisation of their Turtle Centre while preserving its connection to nesting marine turtles. GX Outdoors (previously Grillex), known for sustainable Australian-made aluminum park furniture, provided the solution. We introduced semi-customised HYVE modular park seats featuring laser-cut baby turtles, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality.

Aesthetic Integration: Our design beautifully incorporates the turtle theme into outdoor seating, connecting visitors with turtle conservation.

Functionality: HYVE seats offer comfort and durability, enhancing the visitor experience.

Sustainability: Aligned with Mon Repos’ ethos, our seats are eco-friendly, made from recyclable aluminum.

Customisation: Tailored to Mon Repos’ needs, creating distinctive and inviting outdoor spaces.

GX Outdoors' HYVE seats with custom a baby turtle design have transformed Mon Repos Turtle Centre’s outdoor areas, reflecting their commitment to turtle conservation. This collaboration exemplifies our mission to enrich lives and create exceptional outdoor spaces.

We continue to partner with organisations like Mon Repos, crafting sustainable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environments across Australia.


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