Darkan Skate Park, Darkan WA

Shire of West Arthur’s Darkan Skate Park. Darkan is located about 200km southeast of Perth, Australia.




The small rural settlement, Darkan, is in the West Arthur region. They faced the challenge of providing wheelchair-accessible table settings that seamlessly integrated with the natural aesthetics of the Darkan area. They required furniture with a timber-like appearance to harmonise with the environment while ensuring durability. Additionally, the council sought a comprehensive solution to furnish the shelter with multifunctional furniture, BBQs, and drinking fountains.


GX Outdoors (previously Grillex), an Australian-based manufacturer of park furniture and BBQs, was chosen to address the Shire of West Arthur’s unique requirements. GX Outdoors offered a tailored solution that perfectly met the council’s needs:

  1. Table Settings: GX Outdoors provided both bar-height and standard table-height settings. Importantly, the table-height settings were designed to be wheelchair accessible. To achieve the desired timber-like appearance without compromising durability, GX Outdoors used a TimberImage finish on the furniture, ensuring long-lasting performance while maintaining the aesthetic appeal.
  2. Corten Powder Coat Finish: To seamlessly blend the furniture with the natural surroundings and the shelter’s design, a Corten powder coat finish was selected. This finish not only enhanced the furniture’s visual integration with the environment but also offered excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the longevity of the products in Darkan’s unique climate.
  3. BBQs and Drinking Fountain: GX Outdoors supplied three triple-edge BBQs, meeting the need for outdoor cooking facilities. Additionally, a Reviva drinking fountain was included in the solution, enhancing the park’s amenities for the community.

Key Benefits

  1. Accessibility: GX Outdoors' wheelchair-accessible table settings catered to the needs of all community members, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility in public spaces.
  2. Aesthetic Integration: The TimberImage finish and Cor-ten powder coat finish allowed the furniture to seamlessly blend into the natural surroundings, preserving the rustic charm of Darkan.
  3. Durability: GX Outdoors' aluminium furniture, with its TimberImage finish, offered a durable solution that could withstand the test of time and the harsh outdoor conditions of Darkan.
  4. Comprehensive Solution: GX Outdoor's provision of not only table settings but also BBQs and a drinking fountain offered a one-stop solution, simplifying the process for the Shire of West Arthur in furnishing the shelter and park area.

GX Outdoors' custom-designed and durable furniture solutions not only met the Shire of West Arthur’s specific requirements but also enhanced the functionality and aesthetic appeal of Darkan Skate Park. This project showcases GX Outdoors' commitment to creating sustainable and inclusive outdoor spaces for communities across Australia.


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