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BBQs But Better.

As park infrastructure specialists, we understand the challenges that come with managing outdoor public space assets. With our extensive industry experience, combined with our commitment to technology and innovation, we have developed smart tech solutions to make is easy and cost effective to keep bbqs working and manage park assets more efficiently with our Grillex 360 Telemetry Technology.

BBQs But Better

How it works

Simple Hardware

The Grillex 360 Telemetry unit is a complete plug-and-play solution that retrofits to existing Grillex BBQs with no need to remove the hotplate

Security First

Grillex telemetry data is sent over an encrypted channel and stored on extremely reliable, highly secure Google servers located in Australia.

Tailored Alerts

The Grillex 360 dashboard allows users to tailor the alerts they would like to receive. When as alert is triggered, users will receive an email advising them of the issue and directing them to the dashboard for further information.

Extensive Coverage

Each Grillex 360 Telemetry unit includes a cellular modem to facilitate internet access. Our customer-built system is 4G and 5G compatible and allows for communication over the Telstra network, which provides extensive coverage and low data costs.

Innovative technology, enhancing open spaces.

BBQs fitted with a Grillex 360 Telemetry unit will provide authorised users access to a custom dashboard with the following data:

  • status of your BBQ (if it’s cooking or idle)
  • the BBQs location
  • details of any issues via the dashboard and email alerts.
  • the latest hotplate temperature reading
  • the number of times the BBQ has been started/used.
  • how many hours it’s been running and usage graphs over time.
  • the amount of power used.
  • a photo of the asset.

The dashboard will also allow you to control the BBQ wherever you are. Via your phone, computer or tablet you can remotely enable or disable your BBQ as well as adjust the cooking temperature and time.

Innovative technology

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